Currently, below are the PILs’ FAC founder Vijay Gopal has filed in the Hon’ble High Court of Telangana

  • PIL in this court i.e. 279/2017 against Illegal Parking Charges at multiplexes and malls in Telangana. (Status: Pending)
  • PIL in this court i.e. 347/2017 against Prasadz Multiplex endangering the lives/safety of patrons through illegal “Seating Ratio”. (Status:  Pending)
  • WP (PIL) 30/2019 against Higher education institutions for illegally keeping the certificates of students under their custody. (Status: Pending)
  • WP (PIL) 32/2019 against the Illegal appointment of Telangana DGP against the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India’s guidelines. (Status: Pending)
  • WP (PIL) 57/2019 against the “Non Implementation of RTE Act 2009 & RTE Rules 2010 applicable to TS. (Status: Pending)
  • WP (PIL) 77/2019 against the “DPS Mahendra Hills” for imprisonment of School Owner after being found guilty of fleecing fee from parents illegally. (Status: Pending)
  • WP (PIL) 116/2019, against the “Illegal Working Hours, Leave Policy, Overtime Payment Policy, Notice Period” by Shops & Establishments in Telangana State. (Status: Pending)
  • WP (PIL) 123/2019, against the Unauthorized & illegal courses being facilitated, excess tuition fee collections by “Intermediate Colleges” in Telangana State. (Status: Pending)
  • WP (PIL) 142/2019, against illegal operations of Ola & Uber Cabs without Fare Meters. (Status: Pending)
  • WP (PIL) 161/2019, against the illegal restriction of water/beverages/packaged food by multiplexes/theaters and arbitrary/illegal 3D glasses rental charges causing exploitation of cine goers. (Status: Pending)
  • WP (PIL) 09/2020, against the issuance of non-constitution of Police Complaints Authority, State Security Commission and also for Zero FIR written Orders to Police.(Status: Pending)
  • WP (PIL) 226/2020, against the Non Implementation of provisions of Clinical Establishments Act, 2010 and its rules.
  • WP (PIL) 266/2020, against the illegal Online classes by Pvt. Schools in Telangana(Status: Pending)

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