Before talking about the extra money we end up paying to engineering colleges, Let us start off with the reason we all opened this page today, which is lack of basic knowledge. We collect the necessary information on the budget invested on a movie and the returns to conclude whether a movie is a hit or flop but we really don’t think about the money we invest in our own lives. We try to adapt to different cultures and learn new languages but fail to know the laws we need to follow in our country. This is a try to bring some insights on what our law says on donations for admissions in Engineering colleges.

Engineering is everyone’s dream. Parents think that an engineering seat can change their kid’s life, whereas students think after 2 years of hard work in INTERMEDIATE, engineering is the time where they can relax for a bit then explore their actual life and finally graduate with flying colors. As there is a lot of demand for Engineering, Educational institutions cash the demand and target the students by imposing different kinds of fees apart from the tuition fee. There are many articles about Educational institutions collecting additional fee stating special fee and development fee in addition to tuition fee. According to State educational act 1983, it’s certainly illegal to collect donations in engineering colleges..!! Both in Ap n TS.

If a student wants to pursue engineering with not so good EAMCET rank lands on a different business deal. We pay donations to the colleges in lakhs, but in reality, collection of CAPITATION FEE (any fee apart from tuition fee) is prohibited according to Section 5 of the act.

Section 9 states that the minimum imprisonment for taking capitation fee is 3 years and can maximum be up to 7 years. Also if the conviction is for Section 5 i.e. for taking donation, then the management of the said educational institute must return the money so collected to the party from whom the money was collected. State educational act 1983, is applicable to both Andhra Pradesh and Telangana states.

So let’s start reacting, questioning and reporting if there is anything we experience. You can mail us to take up the issue forward for the betterment of our society.






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