Our life is robotic. “Work Earn Repeat” has become our slogan. Where in we miss out on life and try to find it by taking holidays, going on a vacation, focusing on health and entertainment. When we talk about entertainment, we Indians are obsessed with movies and heroes are our demigods. According to Forbes report we make 1500 to 2000 movies annually. There are around 13,000 screens to present the greatest works. That’s the reason we end up in many wallet options to book tickets where they compete to give us discounts on tickets and we totally grab them all. But there is one more spot where we can actually save money which is parking in a theater.

How much do you spend to park a vehicle at Chennai cinemas? 40 bucks? Sometimes around 80 bucks? Trust me, you should be more watchful. Today parking fee is charged very differently at different places.

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According to Section 10 of Tamil Nadu Cinemas (Regulation) Act, 1955, the Governor of Tamil Nadu made an amendment to the Tamilnadu CINEMAS (Regulation) Rules, 1957 which is in force since December 1st 2017.

S No


Parking Fee

Car / Three wheeler (Motor) Two Wheeler (Motor) Cycle
1 Municipal corporations / Municipalities Special Grade 20 /- 10 /- Nil
2 Municipalities other than Municipalities, Special grade 15 /- 7 /- Nil
3 Town Panchayats / Village Panchayats 5 /- 3 /- Nil

So, next time when we come out of a cinema, let’s get inspired and do something to our society like the heroes of our Indian Films do.

Say No to More Parking Fee, Say yes to Corruption Free Country.

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