Today malls have become walk in to relax and re-energize for the common man. Terms like window shopping, jokes on “UPTO” 50% discount which were alien to us a decade ago have become quite common. More than shopping we prefer Malls to watch movies as they are well maintained and have better ambiance to provide best in class movie experience.  We try grabbing offers on  Clothes, Food combos and Movie tickets but there is one more thing we totally ignore  – PARKING Charges!

If we do a little retrospection on our common thoughts when we go to any mall they will be as follows..

  1. I can’t miss the beginning, Will I reach the movie on time?
  2. Why is parking line so long? Can’t people prefer taking rest at least during the weekend?
  3. When these people build such huge malls, why should they charge for Parking my vehicle?
  4. Why should I pay extra bucks if I stay for couple of hours more?

Well, when we think about these, there is a common man who questioned the government which forced the GHMC to create a PARKING Policy.

Vijay Gopal, Social Activist, Founder & President of NGO – FORUM AGAINST CORRUPTION filed a case against FORUM SRUJANA, INORBIT, MAHESWARI PARAMESWARI for levying the parking charges which is supposed to be free according to section 115 (40) of GHMC Act 1955, Apartments Act 1987 of AP/TS u/s 24, Buildings Rules issued by the AP Government in 2012. All these cases are under investigation.

Also, As per the Honorable High Court of Judicature of AP/TS’s judgement given in case CH Madan Mohan vs Municipal Corporation of Hyderabad in 2003, it was clearly stated that the commercial malls and complexes cannot turn around and charge money for parking the vehicles from the visitors as the malls are already given benefits for providing the space to the visitors in the form of Floor Area Ratio (FAR), etc.

There is a Public Interest Litigation  going on in the court that DGP Telangana, Commissioner GHMC, principle Secretary to Telangana State has been ordered to furnish their response in 3 weeks. Greater Hyderabad municipal Corporation is going to roll out a new Parking Policy  which will be announced soon.

We dream of a tension free weekend where we try to rejuvenate ourselves to work for the hectic week ahead, but the fact is it’s just a question and little time away to fight against corruption and create a corruption free society. As we now know that these PARKING CHARGES are illegal let’s question and make noise for this issue to be resolved soon.

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